San Francisco Electronic Music Festival

SomArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, August 18-21, 2005


Chaos Butterfly  Chaos Butterfly  Chaos Butterfly

Chaos Butterfly (Dina Emerson & Jonathan Segel)

Eric Glick Rieman  Eric Glick Rieman

Eric Glick Rieman

George Lewis  George Lewis  Marcos Fernandes

George Lewis & Marcos Fernandes

Victoria Jordanova  Victoria Jordanova

Victoria Jordanova

Guillermo Galindo  Guillermo Galindo  Guillermo Galindo

gal*in_dog (Guillermo Galindo)

Morton Subotnik & Miguel Frasconi  Morton Subotnik

Morton Subotnick & Miguel Frasconi

Matt Heckert  Matt Heckert

Matt Heckert

Melissa Anast-Taylor & Patrice Scanlon & Alyssa Wilmot  Melissa Anast-Taylor & Alyssa Wilmot  Patrice Scanlon

Patrice Scanlon (with Melissa Anast-Taylor & Alyssa Wilmot)

John Bischoff & Tim Perkis  Mark Trayle & John Bischoff & Tim Perkis & Scott Gresham-Lancaster & Phil Stone & Chris Brown  Mark Trayle & John Bischoff & Tim Perkis  Scott Gresham-Lancaster & Phil Stone & Chris Brown

The Hub (Mark Trayle, John Bischoff, Tim Perkis, Scott Gresham-Lancaster, Phil Stone & Chris Brown)

Suthek  Suthek


Blevin Blectum  Blevin Blectum

Bevin Blectum

Zeena Parkins  Zeena Parkins

Zeena Parkins

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