The Fifth Annual Edgetone Music Summit

Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco/ 21 Grand, Oakland, July 27-30, 2006


202_4406-02  202_4399-02  202_4422-02

Pamela Z



202_4433-02  202_4502-02  202_4450-02

Positive Knowledge (Iljeoma Thomas, Oluyemi Thomas, Spirit)



202_4510-02  202_4518-02  202_4526-02

Nirisu III (Susan Allen, Nicholas Chase, Rus Pearson )





203_5024_00a  203_5035_00a  203_5042_00a

Bob Marsh



203_5044_00a  203_5055_00a

Steven Baker



203_5073_00b  203_5081_00b

Tom Nunn



203_5104_00a  203_5107_00a   203_5150_00a  203_5124_00a   203_5143_00a

Kelp Call (conducted by Krystyna Bobrowski )


203_5174_00a  203_5189_00a  203_5156_00a   203_5181_00a

E. Doctor Smith, Eric Dahlman



203_5201_00a  203_5217_00a  203_5243_00a   203_5224_00a   203_5220_00a

The Crank Ensemble (Conducted by Larnie Fox)



203_5261_00a  203_5264_00a  203_5254_00b

smgsap (Shea M Gauer and Scott A Peterson)



203_5282_00a  203_5271_00a

Marcos Fernandes



203_5309_00a  203_5301_00a

Glenn Bach



203_5322_00a  203_5323_00a  203_5352_00a

Aaron Ximm



203_5369_00a  203_5374_00a  203_5399_00a

gal*in_dog (Guillermo Galindo)



203_5458_00a  203_5435_00a

Jason Robinson



203_5467_00a  203_5474_00a  203_5482_00a   203_5535_00a

Ettrick (Jacob Felix Heule, Jay Korber)



203_5576_00a  203_5584_00a  203_5610_00a  203_5627_00a  203_5642_00a  203_5664_00a

The S[wpot] Ensemble (directed by Suki O'Kane)




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Edgetone Music Summit                                                                                        The Luggagestore Gallery, 21 Grand

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