Activating The Medium XI

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, February 2, 2008


205_1191-01_00b   205_1182-01_00a   205_1201-01_00a

Ulrich Krieger



205_1243-01_00c   205_1235-01_00b   205_1248-01_00a

Jason Kahn



205_1259-01_00a   205_1288-01_00a   205_1263-01_00a   205_1316-01_00a

Francisco Meirino



205_1361-01_00a   205_1377-01_00a   205_1373-01_00a

Tim Catlin



205_1388-01_00a   205_1407-01_00a  205_1417-01_00a   205_1423-01_00a

Ulrich Krieger, Andy Strain, and Suzanne Thorpe play Zbigniew Karkowski


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