Seventh Annual Edgetone New Music Summit

Community Music Center, San Francisco, July 23-26, 2008


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No More Twist! (Les Hutchins and Polly Moller)



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Kwisp (Walter Funk and guest)



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Thickness/Mono-Layer (John Reily, Eric Steinberg)



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(The) Giants of Gender (Kyle Farrell, and Jenna Barvitski)



206_05548-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05567-1_00c.jpg   206_05552-1_Nw_00c.jpg  

Birgit Ulher  Trio w/Gino Robair & Tim Perkis


206_05600-1_Nw_00c.jpg   206_05610-1_Nw_00b.jpg   206_05630-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05630-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05622-1_Nw_00a.jpg  

Shudder (Kyle Bruckmann, Phillip Greenlief and Lance Grabmiller) with Jorrit Dijkstra



206_05640-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05667-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05665-1_Nw_00a.jpg     

Noertker's Moxie (Bill Noertker, Annelise Zamula, David Beck,  Jenny Maybee and a drummer)



206_05721-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05735-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05743-1_Nw_00a.jpg     

C.O.M.A. The California Outside Music Associates (John Vaughn, Dax Compise and Zach Silver)


206_05797-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05802-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05816-1_Nw_00a.jpg     

Different Strokes (Yehudit and Beth Snellings)



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Go-go Fight Master w/Aaron Bennett, John Finkbeiner,
Vijay Anderson, Lisa Mezzacappa



  206_05913-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05950-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_05965-1_Nw_00a.jpg  

15 Degrees Below Zero (Daniel Blomquiest, Michael Addison Mersereau, and Mark Wilson)


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Say Bok Gwai (Alex Yeung and Andre Custodio) with David Slusser and Val Mih



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 Mute Socialite (Moe! Staiano, Ava Mendoza, Alee Karim, Shayna Dunkleman) with Liz Albee



206_06283-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_06298-1_Nw_00a.jpg   206_06349-1_Nw_00a.jpg
The Late Severa Wires (Mike Rowland, Yozo Suzuki and Carlos Santistevan)

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